There is nothing more precious than knowing without a doubt you are on your way to Heaven.

Not long ago, Lodesma called Victory In Grace from Charlotte, North Carolina, to let us know she was sending our ministry a gift. Although our phone operator was very grateful for the contribution, he was more concerned about her soul.

When asked if she knew where she would spend eternity, Lodesma joyfully replied she had spoken to one of our phone operators a couple weeks prior to this conversation. At that time the clear gospel had been presented to her.

Lodesma had realized salvation had nothing to do with works, but everything to do with Christ. She had placed her trust in Him alone and grasped the truth that her salvation could never be lost.

Lodesma knows without a doubt she will spend eternity in Heaven. Through her grateful donation to Victory In Grace, more people can know without a doubt that they, too, can spend eternity with Jesus.