reaching-the-worldSometimes we can reach such a deep point of despair in life that all we want to do is end it. After enduring a terrible divorce, Patty had reached that very point and wanted nothing more than to escape the sorrow that had overtaken her heart.

One day, Patty called Victory In Grace and shared her story. When one of our operators picked up the phone, she shared that back in 1975, she had gone through a terrible divorce. It impacted her life in such a painful way that she no longer desired to live. In fact, she used medication to try ending it all.

During her darkest time, Patty met a sweet, little, 4-year-old girl. Filled with hope, she looked up at Patty and said, “Aunt Patty, Jesus loves you.” A short time after this experience, Patty found a gospel tract, read it, and trusted Christ as her Savior on July 13, 1975. Since Patty started watching VIG on television, she has been using our tracts in her housing complex. As she shares them with people, she tells them, “If Jesus can love me, then I know He loves you.”

Patty serves as a remarkable example of how the free gift of salvation can brighten tear-dimmed eyes and bring hope to a weary soul. Many people experience Patty’s pain when life gives them a situation too difficult to bear. They need to hear there is a God who loves them, too. Share God’s love with someone today.

Article by Stephanie Scialabba