reaching-the-worldWondering why all her works for salvation had left her feeling empty and confused, Alice was searching for a way to know for sure she was saved. Before calling Victory In Grace, Alice thought she was going to Heaven because she followed the Lord, read her Bible, and prayed for others. At the end of her salvation to-do list, Alice added that she had placed her trust in Jesus Christ.

That’s when one of our phone operators, Cameron, explained that Jesus paid all of our sin debt, not just some. He did the work for us on the cross. After sharing Romans 3:23 and 6:23, Cameron showed Alice that our salvation is apart from any works that we can do. It is completely by God’s grace: nothing more, nothing less.

When asked again what was necessary to know she had eternal salvation, Alice still listed many good works. The turning point occurred when Cameron shared Isaiah 64:6, and she understood that even her best works weren’t good enough to get her to Heaven.

Striving to help Alice understand Christ’s free gift, Cameron used the example of giving her a $300,000 necklace for her birthday. She could take it because it had already been paid for, just as we can accept the free gift of salvation paid for on Calvary’s cross. You cannot pay for a gift. As Alice compared this illustration to salvation, she understood for the first time why working doesn’t work. Salvation is all by God’s marvelous grace.

Article by Stephanie Scialabba