pastor-jim-scudderCan you imagine a grafted branch looking down at the root and deeming it worthless? That would be a ridiculous error. The branch and its fruit should thank the root, for without it, neither would live. How much more should we as believers look thankfully to the Jewish people through whom our Savior came and acknowledge their importance in God’s plan?

In order to help us gain a better understanding of our place in God’s plan and our relation to the nation of Israel, Romans 11 uses an illustration of an olive tree. In this passage, the root of the tree is Abraham because through him came all the promises to Israel and to us. The trunk of the olive tree is God’s divine blessing. The natural branches are the Jewish people; while the grafted branches represent the Gentiles, primarily the Church.

Since we, as the fruit and grafted branches, are nothing without the root, Abraham, we should be thankful to the nation of Israel. Salvation is of the Jewish people because through the family line of Abraham, Judah, David, and then Mary, our Savior came into the world. As a result, we have the ability to be saved.

May we always be a fruit that thanks the root and seek to be a people that support the Jews in any way we can.

Article by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.