What comes to mind when you think about the Holy Spirit? You may think of the judge, Samson, and his supernatural, Spirit-empowered strength. Perhaps you recall the Holy Spirit descending like a dove upon Christ after John the Baptist baptized Him. The Bible gives us several descriptions of the third member of the Trinity, each of which offers insight into His character. He may be the last member in the Trinity, but He’s certainly not the least. His descriptions include:

  • The dove
  • Water
  • Wind/Breath
  • Fire

How do these attributes make a difference in your life and mine? As portrayed by the dove, the Holy Spirit provides life amidst desolation. Remember Noah and the Flood? Noah sent a dove and raven to search for dry land after the Flood. When the dove returned with an olive leaf, Noah knew the waters had receded. The Holy Spirit encourages and assures us of God’s favor, even in the most distressing circumstances.

The Holy Spirit is also compared to water. It’s not very difficult to see the correlation between this refreshing, life-giving liquid and the Holy Spirit. In Jeremiah 2:13, God describes Himself as the Fountain of Living Waters. This means He is the sole Source of our spiritual life. He alone can nourish and satisfy us. The Holy Spirit directs us into a deeper relationship with Him.

We’ll discuss the Spirit’s attributes of wind and fire tomorrow. For now, think about the role the Holy Spirit is playing in your life as a dove and as water. Maybe there is a situation in your life where you’re feeling desolate. You could be seeking satisfaction in a relationship or position that has left you empty. Open your Bible and allow the Spirit of God to direct you into a fulfilling relationship with your Heavenly Father today.

The marks of the Spirit’s presence . . . [are] Biblical teaching, loving fellowship, living worship, and an ongoing, outgoing evangelism. — John Stott

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.