The next time you’re tempted to think no one notices your conduct, think again. When the prophet, Daniel, attained celebrity status as one of Medo-Persia’s leading government officials, his life wasn’t exactly displayed on a projector screen for all the Persian residents of Babylon to witness, but people started watching him—ever so closely.

Daniel’s office undoubtedly brought its share of fair-weather friends. But it also brought a host of enemies. The last thing the princes and presidents who worked with him wanted was accountability to a God-fearing, Jewish man. So with diligence they sought to find fault by screening his leadership background and qualifications for the office.

To their dismay, Daniel’s record was flawless. Their investigative probe only revealed the genuine quality of his walk with God. He was not superhuman, but was an ordinary man, born in sin like the rest of us. What made Daniel stand out above his peers was his exceptional testimony and his determination to put God first at all costs.

All the world is watching you, Christian—and they’re looking for an excuse to reject your faith. Can you really pull off what you call Christianity? Your spouse and children ought to see your commitment to Christ at home through your selection of reading materials and television programming. Your boss and co-workers should see a difference in your language and your work ethic. If there is no such distinction, your faith is in vain. Determine to be found faithful—not in fault—before the watching world today.

When men cease to be faithful to their God, he who expects to find them faithful to each other will be much disappointed. — George Horne

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.