Many years ago, my daughter wrote a skit about a machine you could go inside. The machine would show your reaction to any situation. If someone didn’t get a promotion, his reaction was shown by him undermining the person who got the promotion. Because the only thing he could see was the promotion he lost, it made him bitter and quick to find fault.

We respond the same way when we figure out sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we hoped it would. A sudden emergency drains your bank account, a boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you, or you miss out on a promotion, only to lose your job—all of these things may happen at some time in our lives. But we can’t forget God is in charge.

God can make whatever is bad in our lives work out for good. He’s what they call a “Bad-Ball Hitter”. Even if we get a bad pitch and the ball bounces a few times, God can make a homerun out of it. Everything is going to turn out for our betterment, because He is in control.

So even if your money is gone, you lose the guy or girl of your dreams, or you end up without a job, hang in there with God. Don’t get so worried and uptight about the situation that you become bitter. Learn to see your disappointment as a reminder to keep your eyes on Christ. The “Bad-Ball Hitter” won’t ever let you down.

There are no accidents in the life of the Christian. — Rowland Bingham

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder