Screams pierced the air as soldiers enforced the king’s edict. Every Hebrew male infant in Egypt must die. But two parents believed God had better plans for their baby boy. In faith, Amram and Jochebed hid their child for three months. When she could hide him no more, Jochebed, his mother, placed the baby inside a sealed ark and floated him down the Nile River. Perils abounded in the Nile. The child was at the mercy of poisonous snakes, crocodiles, and hippopotamuses. In faith, Jochebed prayed God would take care of him.

Amram and Jochebed are listed in the Hall of Faith because they dared to believe God had a purpose for their newborn son. Whereas other Hebrew parents obeyed the government, they chose to obey God. Their protection and God’s providence produced Moses, the Hebrew deliverer. Parents, it’s not in vain.

Today’s society teaches the right to life is a mother’s choice. God says otherwise. Do you believe God has a purpose for your children, even if they have disabilities? What you believe about God’s purpose for them will determine how you raise them. It will determine what you allow them to watch and hear, and with whom they associate. Protecting your children from the dangers of sin is neither cruel nor controlling. Do it because you love them. Do it because you care.

Invest in the future; have a child and teach her well. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.