Have you ever gone outside on a clear night and counted the stars? Approximately 3,000 stars in each hemisphere are visible to the naked eye. When Galileo invented the telescope, he detected 30,000 stars. With advances in technology, we have been able to look further and further into space and make some astounding discoveries. Modern estimates rate the number of stars at 10 to the 25th power—that’s a one with 25 zeroes at the end.

To put it in perspective, if you took one of the fastest computers available, which processes 10 thousand million calculations per second, and counted the number of stars in the universe, it would take 30 million years to count them all.

When we consider any aspect of Creation, we are moved with awe at the wisdom and majesty of our God. It is remarkable that He has designed every detail with pinpoint accuracy and balance. Yet our perspective quickly changes when we return to the business of life. Looming deadlines, difficult people, and family issues crowd out our view of a God Who is in absolute control of everything.

How do we regain a fresh perspective of God? We must remind ourselves of His majesty and splendor. Try to set aside time in your day to take a walk outside and observe the beauty around you. Or you could spend a few moments outside at night, gazing at the stars with your family. But nothing beats time spent in meditation upon the truths of God contained in His Word. Take time to marvel at His majesty today.

The higher the mountains, the more understandable is the glory of Him Who made them and Who holds them in His hand. — Francis Schaeffer

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.