A misty haze shrouded the swollen river ahead in the distance. General Stonewall Jackson and his men had to cross it with their horses and artillery by daybreak. He called his engineers together and told them to find a way to build a bridge. Then he called his wagon master and told him the urgent matter.

The engineers retreated to their tent to draw up plans. Meanwhile, the wagon master gathered all the logs, rocks, and fence posts he could find and built a bridge. Long before sunlight brightened the dark skies, the wagon master made sure all the wagons and artillery crossed the river. The engineers were still sketching in their tent. Planning is good; action is essential.

The body of Christ needs members who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. These people see a need and are quick to respond. Preparation may be necessary, but they plan so they can work efficiently. Remember this the next time your boss gives you a special assignment, your parents ask you to clean your room or help with dinner, or when your spouse asks a favor of you.

God gave us hands that we might work and a brain that we might think. He wants us to use them equally. Labor today to be an efficient worker showing yourself approved unto God.

Ideas won’t work unless you do. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.