Today you may be facing an overwhelming obstacle. This obstruction may be deeper than the Red Sea, taller than the giant, Goliath, and more impregnable than the fortress city of Jericho. After evaluating your limited resources, you’ve reached the conclusion the problem is bigger than you are, and you’re going to need some help. What in the world should you do?

Let’s consider what others did in these circumstances. Moses led one million people to the edge of the Red Sea with an army of enemy soldiers in hot pursuit. With the water in front of them and their enemy behind them, they had nowhere to turn. But Moses and the people made it safely across on dry ground. Their enemies drowned in the Red Sea.

David stood before Goliath with nothing more than a slingshot and five stones. . . . And then the giant started running toward him. He had nowhere to go. Yet a few brief moments later, the giant lay dead at his feet.

Joshua and his people encompassed the well-defended Jericho fortress 13 times in 7 days. At any time, the inhabitants of the city could have rained arrows and stones upon them from their secure vantage point, forcing them to retreat. But God had given the command, and Joshua couldn’t turn back. Somehow, at the end of the week, the massive fortress lay in ruins.

In each of these real-life examples, the individuals achieved victory over their obstacles because they believed in a Power greater than themselves, the Almighty God, to deliver them. The same God Who overcame their obstructions can deliver you today. Commit your challenges to Him in prayer, and He will give you strength to win.

“God, I can’t get around this obstacle myself, but I believe You can. Do a good work in me today.”

The way to grow strong in Christ is to become weak in yourself. — C.H. Spurgeon

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.