Suppose Christ’s blood only flowed to a select group of people, and you were not one of them. What if you were forced to live with the awful reality that you were predestined to eternal Hell? Would God still be all you know Him to be—loving, merciful, holy, and gracious?

This last excerpt from “The Crimson River” supports our Scripture reading for today and explains why everyone can be sure Christ’s blood was shed for them. Read it carefully.

[The river] flows both to male and to female. It flows both to rich and to poor. It flows both . . . to red, yellow, black, and white. This crimson river flows in Africa, it flows in Asia, it flows in Europe, it flows in the Americas.

For 2,000 years, the mighty torrent of God’s mercy and grace has flowed immeasurable, unstoppable. Sometimes it rages like a mighty flood. Sometimes it slows to a trickle—but still it flows. When the flow is slowed, critics crow, “The river is gone for good.” But nothing—nothing can stop the crimson river.

God’s mercy, love, and grace are as infinite as He is. Therefore, He can impose no limits on His free gift. All class distinctions are erased as the crimson river courses freely from Calvary’s cross.

Have you ever felt like an “outsider” who could never measure up to your peers? Perhaps you are ostracized because of your nationality or physical limitations. I want to encourage you that the crimson blood of Jesus has made you an “insider” in His eyes. What a loving, merciful, holy, and gracious Savior.

If Christ is not the Substitute, He is nothing to the sinner. If He did not die as the Sin-bearer, He has died in vain. — Horatius Bonar

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.