The Bible stands like a rock undaunted
‘Mid the raging storms of time;
Its pages burn with the truth eternal,
And they glow with a light sublime.

The Bible stands like a mountain towering
Far above the works of men;
Its truth by none ever was refuted,
And destroy it they never can.

The Bible stands every test we give it,
For its Author is divine;
By grace alone I expect to live it,
And to prove and to make it mine.
– Haldor Lillenas

Some of the greatest evidence for the accuracy of the Bible comes up from the dirt. Now I’m not referring to the worms and grubs in your garden. I’m referring to archaeology, the study of ancient cultures. Time and time again, archaeological finds have verified the Biblical account.

Perhaps the strongest archaeological evidences for the Bible are the Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1947. Before this monumental discovery, Bible critics believed parts of Isaiah, with its Messianic prophecies, were written after the time of Christ. When the scrolls were found, they not only contained the book of Isaiah, but it was proven that they were copied at least 200 years before Christ’s birth. The Word of God had again silenced its critics.

The Bible stands. If you still aren’t convinced, try to name one argument it cannot answer. . . .

Everything you need for this life and the life to come has been outlined in the pages of the book we call the Word of God. You could be trusting God to provide a job, but are ready to give up because of a fruitless search. Maybe you are discouraged because of the injustices you have endured at the hands (and mouths) of people you once considered friends. Though the circumstances and people in your life will change for better or worse, the Bible’s truth remains unchanged. It will stand when you rest your weight upon it.

The Christian can take the whole Bible in his hand and say without fear or hesitation that he holds in it the true Word of God, handed down without essential loss from generation to generation throughout the centuries. — Sir Frederic G. Kenyon

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.