Do you ever doubt the power of Christ’s blood? Consider the course it has taken through history in this excerpt from “The Crimson River”:

The river flowed first to the throne of God, where Jesus sprinkled that blood on the heavenly mercy seat, presenting His blood as the payment for our sins. Looking at the broken body of His Son and at the crimson river flowing from the cross, the Father said, “It is enough. The debt is paid.”

Then the crimson river began to flow across the earth. Deep it flowed, and wide. It flowed to a notorious criminal hanging next to Christ. He was a wicked man deserving death and Hell, but sinners plunged beneath the flood lose all their guilty stains. He was caught up in the crimson river and carried off that day to be with Jesus in Paradise.

The crimson river flowed by a Roman soldier, a Centurion, who gazed at the crucified Christ and exclaimed, “Surely, this was the Son of God!” The crimson river flowed to eleven cowards who abandoned Jesus in His hour of need. It restored fellowship and joy to them on the Day of Pentecost and swept 3,000 people away in its flood. It took them away from dead religion into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sometime later, the river caught up an angry, young man on his way to Damascus. He was determined to stop the river, to dam its flow. But the river swelled up and carried him away, and through him has flowed into untold millions throughout history. . . .

You may be discouraged after failing in your spiritual walk. You might be stalled at the crossroads of resentment over the past and fear for the future. Take courage, Christian. The crimson river has you covered.

Christ is like a river. A river is continually flowing . . . so that a man may live by it, and be supplied with water all his life. So Christ is an ever-flowing Fountain. — Jonathan Edwards

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.