I have taken many a shower, only to get myself sweaty and soiled again after a hard day’s work. But as often as I sin, I have yet to find the smallest trace of its crimson stains. This is not on account of my merit, but because I have bathed in the river of Christ’s blood. I want to share this expressive reading, from an unknown author, over the next few days:

The crimson river begins as a single drop of blood that flowed down Jesus’ back as a Roman solider brought down his cruel whip. With each lash, another drop mixed with the first. These drops formed a trickle as the crown of thorns was driven deep in Jesus’ brow, as the cruel fists struck His face, and as His beard was pulled out.

The trickle grew stronger as Jesus dragged the cross toward Golgotha. Then as the soldiers drove nails through His hands and feet, they raised the cross high, and as they dropped it into its hole, the trickle became a stream.

For six, long hours, Jesus hung between Heaven and Earth, between God and man, the Lamb of God dying for the sin of the world. The stream ran red and strong. Jesus suffered horrible pain—and the stream flowed. He was ridiculed by passersby—and the stream flowed. The sun grew dark as Jesus bore our sins and therefore, the full weight of God’s wrath against that sin—and still the stream flowed.

Then came the decisive moment. Having bore our sins and paid their full price, He rose up and uttered those faithful words, “It is finished.” At that moment, the stream became a river—a river of mercy and grace, a river of forgiveness; a life-giving, sin-forgiving, power-delivering, forever-living river of love—flowing from the heart of God to all who would believe. . . .

Have you been washed in this fountain? Oh, friend, I plead with you, do it today. Though your sins may be as scarlet, Christ can make you white as snow.

One drop of Christ’s blood is worth more than Heaven and Earth. — Martin Luther

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.