Life was becoming overwhelming for Joyce. After losing her job, she was now on the verge of losing her apartment.

One morning Joyce turned on our program on TLN. Dr. Scudder’s message prompted her to call Victory In Grace.

Asking for prayer, Joyce revealed how troubled she was about her life. She mentioned she was going to ask her apartment manager to try and work out her apartment situation.

When our operator asked if Joyce knew where she would spend eternity, she was not sure. Confused with salvation by good works, she was unsure of how many sins Christ paid for on the cross.

The operator shared with Joyce that Christ’s blood paid for all her sins. All she had to do was place her trust in Him to be saved. Joyce understood for the first time salvation is by faith alone.

The entire staff of VIG operators stopped to pray for her situation. Joyce called back an hour later very excited, for the apartment manager had decided to be flexible. Joyce would still have a home.