Few sports are as difficult to follow as tennis. A match typically consists of a best-of-three- or five-sets system played between two players. When a player wins two sets in a best-of-three or three sets in a best-of-five, he or she wins the match.

Each set consists of games, which are determined by points. (This is where it starts to get complicated.) Scores from zero to three are not described in numerical sequence, but in terms of “love,” “fifteen,” “thirty,” and “forty.” When the score is tied and each player has scored at least three points, the score is not called out as “forty-forty,” but rather as a “deuce.” If each player has at least three points with one player leading by one point, the score is called “advantage” for the player who is in the lead.

Every Christian is engaged in a battle against the devil. Our adversary hurls spiteful accusations against us so as to condemn us before our heavenly Father. He also exploits our weaknesses and infirmities. As the battle rages on, there are many times when the Christian appears to be outmatched by his opponent. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, the Christian emerges victorious. How is this possible? you ask. The outcome had been settled from the very beginning, for the Christian had the advantage through Christ. The Savior’s love assured him of victory.

Hard as the devil may try, he can never separate us from the love of Christ. He can only influence us to doubt or lose sight of it. Therefore it is essential that we let nothing obscure this from our view.

Today you may be driven to despair by circumstances beyond your control: Trusted friends may fail you. Your heart may be broken because a loved one has passed away. You may be on the brink of losing your job and thus, your home. One thing after another seems to be going wrong in your life. Remember your Savior’s steadfast love for you. It guarantees you have the advantage.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.