A good salesman can convince you to buy practically anything. One day a man walked into a country store to purchase a few items. As he searched the shelves for the items on his list, he noticed each shelf had been lined with different varieties of salt: table salt, garlic salt, Epsom salt, seasoned salt, Morton salt, and iodized salt. He mentioned this to the manager standing behind the checkout counter, and was surprised when the manager told him there was plenty more in the cellar.

“Wow, you must sell a lot of salt,” said the customer.

“No, actually I can’t sell any salt, but that traveling salesman can sure sell a lot of it.”

That salesman knew how to promote his product, as any good salesman should. Other traits common of successful salesmen include familiarity with their product, enthusiasm about their product, knowledge of the right questions for their clients, and skillfulness in listening to their clients’ needs.

Every Christian is a salesman for the Kingdom of God. It is our goal to cause the world to feel compelled to embrace our product, the gospel of Christ. This will require quality salesmanship on our part. We will have to be familiar enough with the gospel to provide adequate answers for the people we evangelize when they ask us questions. We will have to be genuinely excited about our product — excitement breeds excitement. We will also need to ask people the right leading questions so we can demonstrate how the gospel can meet their needs. This will, of course, require good listening.

What are you doing to make the gospel known in your home, workplace, and community? Are you being a good salesman or saleswoman? Consider the traits of a successful salesman, and see if you can improve any of your “sales” methods in personal evangelism. Before long, you’ll “seal the deal” and win someone to Christ.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.