As you observe people going to work, riding their bicycles, or drinking coffee, does your heart ache as you wonder where they are going to spend eternity? Each soul is unique and loved by God, and it’s our job to tell them so. But how does a person go about telling a truth searcher the greatest news in all the world?

Whenever I go to a restaurant, I like to give a “Which Religion?” Tract to the waiter or waitress and tell them, “You have to promise me you won’t read it right now.” This makes them want to read it even more.

A pastor friend of mine uses our “Quiz” Tract and tells people, “I hope you do better at this test than I did. The first time I took it, I failed.”

Here are some other ideas:

  • Learn how to give the gospel in ten words: Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead.
  • Pray for opportunities to give out tracts.
  • Leave tracts at truck stops and rest areas. If you are a business owner, leave a stack by the register. Leave one on an empty train seat. Give them to drive-thru attendants, toll booth operators, and people who help you find something at a store.
  • Hand out tracts with a generous amount of candy at Halloween. (Victory In Grace has special Halloween tracts.)

It doesn’t really matter how you share your faith, just that you do it — and in a clear way. You will find that as you tell more people about Christ, you’ll get more comfortable about doing it. Also, experience will cause you to come up with more creative ways of sharing the gospel.

Are you ready to share your faith with the world? Then ask God for strength as you try to put these soul-winning tips to practice throughout this week. He will reward your search for truth searchers.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder