It’s Halloween, and I am sure there will be a lot of trick-or-treating going on today. Suppose to mark the occasion I took $50,000 out of the bank in $100 bills and treated everyone living within a square mile of my house to $100. I’m sure this would make 500 people very happy. But what would happen if I decided to give $20 to some and $100 to others? Those who received $20 might complain because they received 80% less than their counterparts. Could I be accused of being unfair? The recipients of my $20 bills still came out ahead, did they not?

My benevolent generosity came down to a choice. It was my prerogative to choose who would receive the money and how much money each recipient would be given. Any complaining on the part of the recipients would indicate a lack of gratitude and understanding.

In the same way, God chooses to bless some believers in different ways than others: He may allow one person to have an expensive house, while another lives in an apartment. He may lead one person to marry, while another remains single. He may see fit for one person to receive a promotion, while another loses his job. One may be able to exercise his great abilities in the public limelight, while another serves in obscurity. God has chosen each person for a unique purpose, and it is His prerogative to dispense His blessings to whomever He chooses and in the measure He chooses.

So what if God has chosen to give you $20 instead of $100? You don’t have to worry about other believers who have been given more, because their blessings will eventually come back around to you. Jacob’s blessings profited Esau and continue to profit the entire world today. Set aside your jealous, covetous thoughts and open your eyes to the great plan God is working out for you. Your attitude is entirely up to you — it all comes down to a choice.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.