Have you ever met Faith? Enoch could have formally introduced you to her. Faith joined him during his frequent walks with God. She caused Enoch to fervently proclaim the light of God’s truth while the world fumbled in spiritual darkness.

Abel knew Faith personally. She influenced him to offer an unblemished lamb as an acceptable sacrifice to God.

Noah took on an impressive building project under direct orders from God. Faith was his construction manager. She oversaw the project from start to finish. Because of Faith’s craftsmanship, Noah and his family were spared from the great deluge which soon followed.

Abraham embraced Faith as she led him through the wilderness for 25 years. Faith awakened him that fateful morning when he prepared to offer his beloved son, Isaac, for an offering on Mt. Moriah. Faith guided Abraham’s hands as he took the knife to slay his son. Then she moved him to rejoice when God provided a ram in Isaac’s stead.

Did these heroes of faith obtain God’s favor through their works? No, they found favor through Faith. But when they put her to work, she was validated before the world. Great faith rolls up its sleeves.

How is Faith working in your life? Are you a believer only in name, or can the world see a difference in your life? Do you offer a helping hand to a neighbor with financial woes? Are you an encouragement to the child at school whose parents went through an ugly divorce? Put your faith to work in tangible ways each day. The world watches in awe when Faith rolls up her sleeves.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.