We are fickle people. We’re quick to blame God for our problems, and slow to give Him credit for our blessings. Over the past summer, much of the United States experienced a record-breaking drought. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, more than 70% of the US was affected. This affected our farmers in a big way, from their livestock production to their crops. This will, in turn, affect us as we pay higher prices for meat and vegetables over the next several months.

Some people blamed the drought on God. Others prayed for rain — and God sent it. But do you know who received most of the credit for sending rain? Mother Nature. People didn’t start coming out to church in record numbers and telling everyone about God’s faithfulness afterwards. They didn’t make any news headlines publicly thanking God for providing the much-needed rain. Instead, they forgot about His goodness and returned to business as usual.

As Christians, we know God is the Source of all good things. While the world blames God in the bad times and forgets about Him in the good times, we ought to be praising Him at all times. We can have this attitude when we think about our circumstances this way: God is still good, no matter what happens. Choosing to praise the Lord in all circumstances proves to the world we trust Him, even though we might not completely understand His plan.

Do you believe God is good, no matter what each day brings — a promotion or a demotion, rain or sunshine, a victory or loss, extra homework or the completion of all your goals at school or work? Whether or not you believe it, it’s true. But you won’t have joy and peace until you are convinced of it.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder