A long line of cars gathered at the campground for the big meeting. My wife and I were hosting a big youth ranch in Peducah, Kentucky. The first time the doors opened, we had hundreds and hundreds of youths show up. The meeting place was packed. I had the privilege of sharing the gospel and seeing many young people get saved. There was even a busload of kids from a Calvinist church who came and trusted Christ. We saw many great victories that night.

As is always the case when God does something big, the devil tried to interfere. The pastor of the youths from the Calvinist church challenged me to a debate. I had been a new Christian at the time and didn’t know much about the Bible, but I accepted and determined I wouldn’t budge from the few verses I’d learned which defended salvation.

The questions came, and I countered by asking the Calvinist if he could show me in the Bible when a person was saved before he believed in Christ. He couldn’t give me any verses to support this, so before long the debate was over.

Many people will confront us with their ideas about what the Bible teaches. Some will even build complicated doctrines upon their interpretations of particular verses. We don’t have to fear them. All we have to do is stay true to the Word of God and let it speak for itself. We can ask them for a chapter and verse to support their theory, and then examine it in its context for an accurate interpretation.

Have you been challenged about your beliefs? All truth comes from Scripture, so search it out for the answers you need. Then stand by them without backing down, until someone can show you a chapter and verse which disproves your convictions. When others know where you stand in relation to the Word of God, many debates will end before they get started.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder