When you agree to serve God, then watch out, because He will use you in ways you never thought possible. A medical student was in the operating room waiting to watch a great surgeon’s work. When the surgeon’s assistant didn’t show up, the surgeon called this student to help him with the surgery.

The medical student later said, “How proud I was to help this great man save a life.” Wouldn’t you feel honored and privileged to play a part in this life-saving procedure?

If you’re a Christian, God has given you the honor and privilege of saving lives . . . from an eternity in Hell. He isn’t looking for experts, just ordinary people who are willing and ready to serve Him. That’s what availability is all about. There is risk involved: like the medical student, you might be asked to do something out of your comfort zone or degree of training. You might get your hands messy because of the work you are called to do. There may even come a time when you think the task is too much for you.

When you feel like you can’t handle the demands of God’s calling and you’ve been pushed to the limits of your ability, remember one principle, and you are bound to succeed: You aren’t the surgeon. The fate of the “patient” doesn’t rest in your hands. Just be faithful to do your part, and the surgeon will take care of the rest.

Is God calling you to serve Him in a unique way today? There may be someone at church who is discouraged because of a family crisis. God might want you to share some words of comfort with them. Maybe you heard about a young man who just lost his job and is unable to provide for his wife. God could be calling you to buy groceries or do some cooking for the family. You might not be able, but if you are available God may use you to save a life and make a difference. Are you ready to serve?

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder