When a man introduced himself to me after my sermon, I suddenly felt like a tiny ant trapped on a hungry spider’s web. He was a professor at a prestigious Christian university, and I half-expected him to systematically tear apart my sermon point by point. Instead, he told me the sermon caused him to realize he had been teaching his students the wrong gospel message for the past 15 years. The message he had heard was a turning point for him, and he gratefully expressed his commitment to proclaim the truth from that point forward. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise and relief at these words.

You might not have a university professor in every Sunday School class or youth group, but you will encounter people who are confused about the gospel or immersed in doctrinal error on a regular basis. Even if you have nothing to do with ministry, you will still run into people who have unbiblical views. How do you convince them of the truth of Scripture? Don’t do it by ignoring their errors, but by gently confronting the point of difference. This may be done through preaching, one-on-one discussion, or a small group study. (It helps to build a relationship with a person first, whether by inviting them out to church or by sharing with them over a meal.) Who knows? You might be the one God uses to help them understand the truth and begin propagating it among others.

Anyone can hold to an opinion — we all have them. Opinions change with human reasoning, but God’s truth endures forever. It is your greatest weapon against doctrinal error, man’s prejudices, and faulty reasoning. Share it clearly, confidently, and shamelessly with a spirit of love. There are university professors, corporate executives, Christian brothers and sisters, co-workers, friends, and family members who will benefit from the stand you take. Do it for their sake; do it for the sake of the people they will influence; do it for the sake of the gospel; do it . . . today.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.