It is very easy to be distracted from the essence of the gospel and the Christian life on account of people. An unsaved man shared a conversation with his Christian friend about the gospel. He knew the facts concerning Christ’s death and resurrection, but he refused to become a Christian. When his friend inquired about this, he proceeded to name Christians he knew whose lives didn’t measure up to their profession of faith.

The unsaved man’s friend promptly (and correctly) told him he needed to take his eyes from men and refocus upon Christ. The conduct of unfaithful Christians was no excuse for his unbelief. He would have to trust in Christ as his Savior for himself.

Life isn’t fair. People will receive promotions ahead of us, even though we feel we are more deserving. Friends will turn on us. Trusted people will fail us, and our spouses may even leave us. These painful experiences are not isolated to the unsaved world, but they are common among Christians in the Body of Christ. We may be the objects of slander. Gossiping tongues may attempt to malign our character. Fellow-Christians may through jealousy attempt to undercut us and pull us down. Some may scheme and plot against us so we lose sight of God’s blessings and doubt His provision. Our enemies in the church may even appear to prosper in their sin while we suffer. Are these seeming inequities adequate excuses for not serving Christ? No, rather they give us reason to focus more intently upon Christ.

As long as you live, there will be Christians whose lives do not align with their beliefs. Jesus calls you to concentrate upon Him anyway, for He is righteous. Someday you must give an account, not for others’ decisions concerning the gospel and the Christian life, but for your own. If you haven’t put your trust in Christ, do it today; if you aren’t serving Him, get started right now. Look beyond the palette of distractions before you to the transparent truth of Christ.

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.