The resolve to press on will see us through many hardships. Audubon, perhaps the greatest of all bird painters, spent fifteen years making sketches of birds, and he left them in a trunk. When he went to look for them, he discovered that rats had nibbled the drawings to shreds.

Isaac Newton’s dog tore a manuscript to pieces which had represented the work of a quarter of his lifetime.

A careless maid threw a huge manuscript by Thomas Carlyle into the fire.

When these men could have given up their labors because of their great losses, they chose to press forward and make another run for success. What motivated them? Simply put, they loved their work.

The Christian’s motivation for persevering through the trials of life is his love for his Savior and his Savior’s love for him. He presses on with the awareness that none of life’s afflictions can separate him from the love of Christ. When the devil attempts to hedge him in with distress, the love of his Savior is indelibly etched on his mind as all his other confidences are cut off. Though the Christian is as a sheep in the slaughterhouse because of the devil’s hatred, he is sustained and upheld by the unshakeable love of Jesus. He has the advantage.

There will be many times when you do not feel you have the advantage in your life. You will have overwhelming setbacks and colossal failures — yet the love of Christ towards you will endure. Press on, my friend. You have the advantage.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.