The law of sowing and reaping isn’t always a bad thing. One day, an American missionary in the Philippines went door-to-door through a certain neighborhood sharing the gospel with whoever would listen. He came to one house, and he was able to share his faith with the woman who lived there. The woman had been a devoted member of a false religion in the Philippines, but that day she put her trust in Jesus Christ.

This woman had a son who needed to hear the gospel. Later on, he heard the preaching of another American missionary, and he also put his trust in Jesus. He was 17 at that time. Today, this man oversees an organization which has over 700 churches throughout the Philippines, and his son attends our Bible college. When I asked him to speak at our church, he was quick to express his thanks, both for the two missionaries who made a difference in his life, and for the United States, which sent them. His life and ministry are a testimony to what God can do when we are faithful to share Christ with others.

Do you remember the person who led you to Christ? Thanks to them, you have been able to influence others with the gospel; thanks to them, you are serving Christ today — and I hope you are grateful. I also hope you realize someone else could be saying the same thing about you years from now, if you will only take the time to tell them about Christ. You will only reap what you have sown, so if you want to make a big impact for Christ, you ought to sow a lot.

Every soul is important to God. The Bible says He wants everyone to be saved, and that means you have to do your part to share the good news. Wherever you are — at the grocery store, the local gym, the train station, a restaurant, or the bank — there are people who need to hear about Christ. The next person you lead to Christ could go on to do something great for Him, thanks to you.

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Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder