It was another day in the dull life of a pool vacuum cleaner. After being removed from its charging unit, the vacuum cleaner was set on the floor of the pool by its owner. The motor for the device’s scrubbing brush hummed to life, and the robotic cleaner began its preprogrammed route up and down the floor of the pool. When the little vacuum had finished its work, its owner replaced it on its charging dock, where it sat, eagerly waiting for its next job assignment.

Is this the way God designed our lives to operate? Is every move we make subject to His eternal counsels and ordained (or preprogrammed) from before the foundation of the world? That sounds like we are merely giant pawns on the chessboard of life. Such an existence would be very dull indeed.

It’s time for a reality check. Unlike the pool vacuum cleaner with a preprogrammed purpose, our lives have a purpose which we can influence with our choices. The free will God gave us distinguishes us from the most sophisticated of robots. However, with the freedom to choose comes the responsibility of living with the consequences of our choices. We may choose from different flavors of bagels, coffee, and ice cream; we may purchase clothing in different colors and styles; we may personalize our homes and vehicles to reflect our particular tastes; we may even select our eternal destination, whether Heaven or Hell. For every choice, there are consequences.

Freedom of choice adds excitement to life. This was God’s plan from the beginning. He never intended for us to live like lifeless robots without a purpose. He promises abundant life if we make the right choices and a miserable life if we make the wrong choices. Yes, He already knows which choices we will make, and He knows the implications of those choices. But He has left the choices up to us. Today you have the opportunity to choose between right and wrong, honor and dishonor, good and best. Each day is a clean slate. Choose to live it to the fullest.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.