Six-year-old Faith came home from church in tears. Her father saw this and asked why she was crying. She told him, “Daddy, because I’m going to Hell, and I don’t want to. I want Jesus to be my Savior, but I’m not sure what I need to do.” They sat down and the father shared the gospel with Faith. She quickly and gladly put her faith in Jesus Christ and dried her tears.

About an hour later, Faith’s mother came to her father and asked, “Honey, didn’t Faith trust Christ as her Savior?”

“Yes, she told me she did.”

“Well, she’s crying again. Maybe you should talk to her again.”

When he found his daughter, he asked her, “Honey, why are you crying? Did you trust Christ as your Savior or not?”

“Yes, Daddy, I did.”

“Why, then, are you crying all over again?”

“Because if the gospel is true, all my friends are going to Hell. . . . Daddy, why won’t they tell my friends at school?”

“Honey, they can’t. That would be illegal for them to talk about Jesus at school.”

“Well then, that’s just dumb, because anybody who knows about Jesus ought to tell others.”

As soon as Faith understood how to be saved, she wanted her friends to know the good news. I wish I could say this is the same experience for all Christians, but sadly there are many Christians who would never share their faith, even if given the opportunity. This is because, as one evangelist put it, people aren’t excited to talk about what they are confused about. If you don’t understand the gospel, how are you going to share it with anyone else? What’s more, how are you going to get excited about it?

The gospel is simple: Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead. Let’s get excited about this message and share it with everyone we can. It is free and clear, and that’s why we ought to tell others.

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Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder