Pride ruins the best of plans. Two ducks and a frog lived happily together in a farm pond. The friends enjoyed playing together, but summer came and their pond began to dry up. They had to move.

The ducks could easily fly to another pond, but the frog was stuck. So the ducks decided to put a stick in their bills so their frog friend could hang on with his mouth as they found another pond. Their plan worked so well a farmer exclaimed, “Well, isn’t that a clever idea! I wonder who thought of it?”

The frog said, “I did . . .”

When we worry about who gets the credit, no one succeeds. Pride always does more harm than good. While it’s one thing to be proud of someone else, it’s dangerous when pride causes you to think too highly of yourself. God wants our chief concern to be seeing Him and others honored before us. Too much self-emphasis will ruin us.

God may have blessed you with superior intellect or talent. Maybe He gave you a great personality. Remember where all your talents came from. Whether or not we realize this, we’re holding onto God for everything. The moment we let go of Him to acknowledge our part, He may let us fall. Take a moment and thank God for all He has given you. Then use those gifts for Him.

A man is usually as young as he feels, but seldom as important. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder