Every experienced Christian has fought this battle before. Two giants, Faith and Fear, take opposing sides and engage in mortal combat within the deep recesses of his mind. The last full measure of the believer’s spiritual strength is summoned as the giants exchange blows. Fear attempts to cripple him from useful service for Christ. Faith counters the attack and reinforces the believer with truth from God’s Word.

Neither giant claims victory, and so it appears the struggle will continue indefinitely. But into the arena steps another Fighter. He does not draw His sword, but utters these words: “I have overcome”. At that instant, the battle is over. Fear cowers and realizes he has been defeated.

The Christian life is full of battles, but the greatest is the conflict between Faith and Fear. This battle determines the outcome of our every circumstance and trial. While it has been said that Faith triumphs over Fear, this is true only when Faith is anchored in the risen Christ. He has overcome, and through His power we can, too.

You may be struggling with feelings of insecurity. Perhaps you’re tempted to quit because you are tired of your struggles and want an easier life. Don’t let Fear defeat you because through Christ, you’re more than a conqueror. Every Christian must fight this battle sooner or later—just remember that you already have victory.

Faith is not a sword just to grab; faith is a way of life. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.