If every person in a church congregation pulled his weight, the church would be a mighty force in this world. The problem is, most people don’t want to do their part. A Brethren church in Sarasota, Florida, had a special groundbreaking ceremony for its new building project. Instead of using shovels to break the ground, the church decided to use a horse plow. They chose the two strongest men in the church to pull the plow, but it didn’t budge. Then they used the entire, 12-person steering committee for the job. Nothing happened. They added six more people with the same result. When they had everyone in the church pull the plow, they were finally able to break the ground.

Many Christians are content to sit on the sidelines while the leaders do all the work. Some would rather criticize than get involved. A few will actually work to get the job done. While the pastor and elders are responsible for determining the direction each church takes, the entire church must work together to support them in order for the “plow” to move forward. That means the role you play at your church is very important — you’re not just a body filling a pew. Learn to see the job you do, whether great or small, in light of eternity.

If you are a church secretary, be as helpful and cheerful as you can for the glory of God. If you are a choir member, sing so that if a new guest saw and heard you, he would be encouraged to listen to the gospel and trust Christ. If you are a church youth worker, plan and teach as if you are training the next great pastor or teacher, because you could be. Maybe you don’t have a position at your church. Make yourself available to help with preparation for the church’s Thanksgiving service. Ask if there is any way you can meet the needs of the church, and then do it with a willing heart. Every little thing you do for Christ is being recorded in Heaven. Someday the Lord will reward you for pulling your weight.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder