I’m sure you can remember it like it was yesterday. It was the time when you desperately needed money to pay your bills, and at just the right time a check arrived in the mail. You narrowly avoided an accident because God kept you safe. You were late for work or school, only to find you avoided a great disaster on the way because of the delay. You saw God answer your prayers and provide for your needs in a special way.

These were the times when you saw God’s goodness. But today you face even greater obstacles: It’s not just your credit rating which is at stake here, but your house. You are involved in a bad car accident, and you are recovering in the hospital. After years of prayer about a particular problem, you still haven’t seen God answer — and the situation only seems to be getting worse. Is God able to take care of you now?

Remember this: God doesn’t change, even when your circumstances do. If He could help you in the past, He will help you now. When David asked God to hear his prayers, he used God’s past deliverance as a ground for faith in the present. His confidence was not in his ability, but in God’s past provision. This gave him courage to face his uncertain future.

You may be going through a difficult trial right now. There may be a conflict you are involved in with a spouse, co-worker, or close friend. Your heart is telling you the situation will never be resolved because you have been pushed to the limits of your ability. Faith says otherwise. Learn to trust God to see you through the present as He has in the past, and you will have hope in the greatest hardships.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder