17,000,000. That’s the number of people killed under the leadership of Adolf Hitler before and during World War II in the Holocaust. This includes millions of Jewish people as well as millions of people from other national groups. Could the man responsible for the mass slaughter have possibly gone to Heaven?

Some people think Heaven was out of the question for a man like Hitler. It is natural to assume that a person as wicked as Adolf Hitler would be in Hell. What saddens me is that there are Christians who take another extreme and assume that Hitler is in Heaven because God is Love, and He wouldn’t send anyone to Hell.

God may be Love, but He is also holy. That means He hates sin. If He doesn’t hate sin and punish it, then He cannot truly be holy or loving. God’s holiness demands that there be a Hell to punish sin. His love caused Him to send Jesus to take the punishment we deserve so that we can go to Heaven. Anyone who rejects the payment Jesus made for their sins must pay for them on their own in Hell.

Adolf Hitler could have gone to Heaven, but I believe he is in Hell today — not because God is vindictive and unmerciful, but because Hitler refused to put his trust in Jesus Christ. This is the only basis God looks at when He determines who will enter Heaven. No one is too bad to be saved, and no one is too good to be saved. As you share your faith with others, be sure to tell them there is more to God than love: Tell them, “Because God is holy, I deserve to be in Hell paying for my sins; but because God loves me, He sent Jesus to die in my place. I am going to Heaven because my faith is in the One who died for me.” If they put their trust in Christ, they can also be sure they will go to Heaven.


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Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder