Our attitude may cause us to miss out on some great opportunities. In 1973, Gary Kildall wrote the first popular operating system for personal computers, named CP/M. IBM approached him in 1980 about developing the operating system for its PCs, but their executives were met with a cold reception at an all-important meeting. Kildall did not appear for the meeting because he had chosen to fly his new airplane instead. This led the executives to turn their attention to Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. Gates had developed an operating system named MS-DOS. IBM decided to use Gates’ system; and 33 years later, Bill Gates is among the wealthiest men in the world. Gates’ company, Microsoft, is one of the foremost software companies in the world today.

Imagine how different the technology landscape might be had Gary Kildall accepted IBM’s offer. This opportunity, once rejected, never returned. It is unfortunate that Kildall’s poor attitude caused him to take it lightly. Sadly, our attitudes often cause us to do the same thing with God.

God has a plan for the world, and He wants us to take part in it. He gives us but one lifetime to participate. We must be careful not to nourish bad attitudes as God reveals this plan to us, or they will cause us to forfeit our role in His will. Among the dangerous attitudes to avoid are pride, indifference, complaining, laziness, and stubbornness. If we allow these attitudes to control us, God may give the work He had for us to someone else.

You may be given a great opportunity over the next week: a volunteer position at church, an open door to share your faith or give an encouraging word to a friend, an opportunity to stand up for someone who is being mistreated, or a platform to proclaim the truth. Learn to see each opportunity to serve God and bless others as part of His plan for your life. Never view an opportunity as being below you or as something you will get around to doing later on. God wants you to respond with humility and without delay. His opportunities may only knock once.


Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.