The darkness of the room was penetrated by the steady glow of a hurricane lamp. In her book, Out of Africa, Isak Dinesen described her response as her cook Kamante, who held the lamp, somberly said, “I think that you had better get up. I think that God is coming.”

Kamante led Isak to the dining room which faced west toward the African hills. From the windows, Isak saw a strange phenomenon. A large grass fire had been consuming everything in its path from the hilltop to the plain. From their vantage-point, the flames almost looked like a vertical line. It appeared as though a giant, fiery figure was approaching the house.

After Isak explained the occurrence to Kamante, he said, “Well yes, it may be so. But I thought that you had better get up in case it was God coming.”

My friends, God is coming. Soon. The signs are all around us. Everyone will have an appointment with Him. The key question is will He come as your Savior or your Judge? For those who have believed on Jesus Christ to save them from their sins, the Lord will come as a Savior to bring them home to Heaven with Him. Those who have rejected Jesus Christ will see Him come as their Judge.

If you are not prepared to meet God, then there is no better time to make ready than right now. Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for all of your sins with His blood. Then He rose again as proof His payment had been accepted. When you put your trust in Jesus Christ, you will be prepared for your inevitable meeting with God. If you have already prepared yourself for this meeting, then I challenge you to share the good news with others.

God is coming. I hope you are ready.


Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.

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