God may spare us from eternal destruction, but He doesn’t always keep us from ruining our lives. In the fall of 1994, Alberto Gauna, who lived in the northern province of Chaco in Argentina, became so depressed that he decided to take his life. He took a .22 caliber gun, pointed it at his right temple, and pulled the trigger. The gun fired, but Alberto survived. Then he pointed the gun at his forehead and pulled the trigger. The gun went off again, but Alberto survived. He pointed the gun once again at his right temple and pulled the trigger. Alberto was still alive. He fired again. Once again he survived.

Because he had been unsuccessful at killing himself with four gunshots to his head, Alberto thought he would shoot himself somewhere else. He pointed the gun at his stomach and pulled the trigger. The gun fired, but he was still conscious. He shot himself in the stomach again, and still lived.

Finally, Alberto gave up and had to be taken to a hospital in serious condition. God had clearly spared him; but because he continued his suicide attempts, he drastically cut his chances of leading a productive life after his recovery. Some Christians do the same thing: God spares them from an eternity in Hell, but then they go and ruin their lives with sin. God has far better things in store than for us to waste His precious gift of life. Still, He gives us a free will and allows us to choose our actions. If we end up ruining our lives and accomplishing nothing for Christ, we are the only ones to blame.

What do you want to do for Christ? He’s calling mothers, fathers, children, doctors, nurses, scientists, businessmen, accountants, teachers, preachers, attorneys, and politicians. I know He has an opening for you in His plan. But only you can determine whether you will be used or refused. Choose what is best today. The quality of your future as a servant of God depends on it.


Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder

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