It’s always a good idea to give your best, because you never know who might be on the receiving end. Queen Mary enjoyed occasionally dressing like the common people and mingling with them. Once on a visit she made to a village in Ireland, she had to seek shelter from inclement weather. She knocked on the door of a woman’s house and asked if she could use her umbrella. Because the woman did not know her guest, she gave her an old, tattered umbrella with holes in it while keeping her best umbrella for herself. The next day, she heard a knock on her door. A man returned the worn umbrella and said, “The queen wishes to thank you for allowing her to use your umbrella last night.”

The woman felt so ashamed that she had not given the queen the best she had to offer, but now it was too late.

There is coming a day when Christians will likewise regret the decision they have made to withhold their best from others. Many of us try to justify half-hearted contributions to others’ needs on the basis of not wanting to see our gift damaged. We feel that if we give our resources to someone else, they will not be treated as well as we would care for them. Another excuse we make is that we don’t believe the other person will really appreciate our gift. When we do not give our best to others, we are really withholding from God.

When you are at the office, your boss deserves your best effort. When you are at home, your family deserves the best you have to offer them. When you are in school, your teachers deserve your full attention. When called upon to give of your time, talents, or resources, give as unto the Lord. Someday you will see that He was the One standing at the door.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.