Jeff and Christine were professional beekeepers. Their daughter, Rachel, was allergic to bee stings. If Rachel wanted to continue her family’s profession, she would have to overcome her allergy.

Rachel’s doctors gave her a series of shots over a four-month period to build up her immunity to the bee stings; but if she wanted to maintain her immunity, she would have to have a shot or a bee sting every six weeks for several years.

Every six weeks, Rachel’s parents caught a bee. Her mother held Rachel’s arm and rolled her sleeve up. Then her dad made the bee angry and caused it to sting her. After counting to ten, her dad would remove the stinger.

This painful method of curing Rachel of her allergy worked. After she finished the “treatments,” bee stings didn’t affect her anymore. Rachel’s initial pain had accomplished something good.

There is a remarkable mechanism in life that makes bad things better. Human and animal life has natural defenses to help it recover from cuts, bruises, broken bones, burns, sicknesses, and infections. The destruction caused by natural disasters often makes room for the growth of new life. In the Bible, believers are assured that all things will work together for their good.

If God died, we couldn’t expect that anything bad would turn out for our good. We wouldn’t have any hope of better things after job losses, divorces, foreclosures, natural disasters, relationship breakups, health problems, or bee stings. We wouldn’t be able to see beyond the immediate pain of our circumstances to a time of healing and restoration.

Because God is alive today, there is sunshine after the rain. There is joy after pain. There are blessings after the darkest trials. There is growth after defeat and failure. All things will  work together for good, because our God is good. We can trust Him.


Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder


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