If God died, who would you trust with your fears? Many people get scared when they drive over bridges. This causes them to freeze behind the wheel and backup traffic. To solve this problem, the operators of some of the longest and highest bridges in the US offer a driving service. If a driver doesn’t think he or she can cross the bridge, all they have to do is ask a bridge attendant to drive their car over the bridge. Thousands of people around the country use this service each year.

When we’re confronted with circumstances we are powerless to change, it sure feels great to know we can turn the wheel over to someone else. But without God, even turning our fears over to other people would offer limited comfort. What if the person we were relying on failed us? What if we found out they had weaknesses and faults which were even worse than ours? What if they weren’t reliable? No human being can provide an answer for all of our fears. If God died, we would find ourselves frozen behind the wheel quite often.

The good news is that God is alive and well today. We can turn the wheel over to Him when we are afraid. He will help us cross the bridge of fear, and we don’t have to worry about Him letting us down.

Are you afraid of taking a new job which has been offered to you? Don’t freeze in indecision. Trust God to give you the wisdom to make the best decision for you and your family. Do you fear the outcome of an upcoming doctor’s visit? Don’t freeze in negative thinking. Trust God to give you the strength to deal with the doctor’s diagnosis. God is alive and doing just fine. Turn the wheel of your worries over to Him, and let Him do the driving. He has promised to be with you and to keep you. You can count on Him.


Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder

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