When it comes to dedication, many Christians stop short of total commitment. A chicken and a pig were walking down the street when they noticed a church hosting a social event. They decided to stop by and mingle with the people. Then the chicken thought to herself that it wouldn’t look very good to come empty-handed. She whispered to the pig, “Why don’t we bring some food? I can bring some eggs and you can bring bacon.”

The pig refused and said, “No. For you, that would only be a contribution, but for me that would require a total commitment.”

Anyone can make a contribution — a few dollars here, a few moments there, just a little effort and involvement. This is easy. Commitment, on the other hand, demands more than the bare minimum. It demands everything. It requires giving until it hurts: time, talents, and resources alike. Few people are prepared to make this kind of sacrifice, but this is exactly what God desires from every Christian. This is our reasonable service when we consider all He has done for us.

Are you withholding something from God? I am not suggesting that you add to your already-busy schedule, but I would encourage you to evaluate your service in your current setting. Are you working as hard as you should be at work or school? Are you giving as much of your time and spiritual gifts as you can in church or at home? Sacrifice is an all or nothing proposition. That is why it is called “sacrifice.” Lay it all on the altar.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.