In yesterday’s devotional, we saw how the nation of Israel was attacked and overcome by the armies of Nebuchadnezzar due to her rebellion against God. In the enemy conquest, Daniel and many of his Jewish friends were deported from their homeland to Babylon. They were trained with young people from other conquered nations to become administrators of Nebuchadnezzar’s empire. But God was still at work. Through a series of events, He promoted Daniel to prominent positions in the administration of two world empires which were in power during the Jewish captivity.

Daniel’s name, which means “God is my Judge,” was befitting of his character. As the years went by in captivity, Daniel’s steadfast faith demonstrated his desire for personal accountability to God. He knew he could avoid God’s judgment if he examined his life on a regular basis. He determined nothing would hinder his fellowship with God.

If we believe that God is our Judge, we’re going to be different people. We will live with a greater fear of Almighty God and less fear of the opinions of men. We’ll make a tremendous difference and impact in the world we live in. We will dare to be like Daniel.

Maybe you’re a college student looking forward to Spring Break in a few weeks. Enjoy the company of friends, along with all the food and fun which accompany vacation. But remember there will also be temptations to compromise. The devil wants nothing more than to discredit your testimony for Christ. Don’t give him the pleasure of victory in your life. Build a hedge around your heart by keeping yourself accountable to God and good Christian friends. Dare to be a Daniel today.

He that sees the beauty of holiness . . . sees the greatest and most important thing in the world. Unless this is seen, nothing is seen that is worth seeing: for there is no other true excellence or beauty. — Jonathan Edwards

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.