The only thing which rivals my love for fishing is my love for cooking a fresh catch of fish. As I go in the kitchen to prepare for a fish dinner, I turn on the burners of my stove. I use the pots which rest near the front of the stove for sautéing, whereas the pots which I have set over the backburners are reserved for later. There is a method to my madness. The pots I have set on the backburners are no less significant than the ones in front. Their position at the rear of the stove simply means they don’t immediately need my attention.

My cooking habits are illustrative of the manner in which God has chosen to work with the nation of Israel. During the time of Christ, Israel was on the front-burner. All through Jesus’ earthly ministry (and even beforehand), the way was prepared for Israel to embrace Jesus and be saved. However, when Jesus presented Himself to the nation as their Messiah on Palm Sunday, Israel rejected Him. God then moved the nation from the front-burner to the backburner. Once God takes all believers to Heaven at the Rapture, then He will move Israel to the front-burner. They will play a prominent role in His plan for the ages once again. We see this outlined in Daniel 9:24–27. God will never cast away His chosen people because He has made an irrevocable promise to them.

God has also made an irrevocable promise to you, Christian. He has guaranteed that you have everlasting life, forgiveness for all of your sins, the indwelling Holy Spirit, spiritual blessings, acceptance by God, and the right to be a child of God. You might think you are a castaway, others might judge you this way, or you might know friends or relatives who really are spiritual castaways (they put their trust in Christ, but have turned away from God). God’s promises regarding your salvation are unconditional. If He has not thrown away a nation He has had many opportunities to destroy because of His faithfulness to a promise, then you can be sure He will keep His promises to you.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.