I’m thrilled when I hear about scientists cracking the genetic code through advances in modern technology. What’s really amazing is how these scientists, who have devoted their lives to a specific field of research, still don’t have a full understanding of the subject matter under their observation. They have but a speck of real knowledge. Even if you considered the knowledge and insight of geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein, it would merely be a drop in a bucket compared to the knowledge and wisdom of Almighty God.

The wisdom of God is unbelievable. Consider how perfectly our planet rotates on its axis. It rotates at a precise speed and is tilted at a precise angle. Simultaneously, the moon is rotating around the spinning earth, and the earth is rotating around the sun. Other planets are likewise rotating in their unique orbits around the sun. This craftsmanship far surpasses the capabilities of any man.

But one of the greatest displays of God’s wisdom and knowledge is seen in His dealings with you and me. The same hand which set the planets in motion guides us and orchestrates the events of our lives. The same wisdom which established the precise parameters for our solar system is available for the tough decisions we face on a daily basis. God’s knowledge of the vast limits of His universe extends to every detail of our struggles. Won’t you entrust Him with your cares today? They’re not too big for Him to handle.

O God, what a Being of infinite wisdom as well as majesty Thou art, that canst guide these inconceivably enormous worlds as they go whirling through space with such incredible velocity and momentum! – R.A. Torrey

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.