“Rest is not lying in soft beds of ease;
Free from all labor, with no one to please.
Rest is not quitting, no burden to bear.
Rest is reclining in heart, on His care.

Rest can be found in trouble and pain;
When dark clouds are gathered and threatening rain.
Rest is relief found in life’s darkest hour;
To know He is with us and held by His power.

Rest is not found by fulfilling our dreams.
Dreams often vanish; hope’s lost, so it seems.
Rest is the promise our Lord made to all,
Who faithfully trust Him, refusing to fall.

There remains a sweet rest for people of grace;
Who enter that rest while in ‘seeking His face.’
This life, so uncertain, can never destroy,
The rest that is found when His will we enjoy.

Rest is secured, the hour of believing.
Today you may enter, His will now receiving.
His yoke now is easy, the burden is light.
He draws near to comfort and steady your plight.

Rest comes the moment you answer His call.
Depend on Him fully, no worry at all.
Rest settles the mind, anxiety none;
With love now abiding, the victory’s won.”
—Phil Simmons

Are you looking forward to the blessed rest of Heaven? You need not wait until you reach Heaven to experience the peace of God. You can enjoy it now, amidst the troubles, sorrows, pains, and toils of life. Commit your cares unto the Lord, and He’ll give you His blessed rest.

And I smiled to think God’s greatness flowed around our incompleteness. Round our restlessness His rest. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.