Is there anything unique about this day? Today divides yesterday from tomorrow, and tomorrow, today will be yesterday. This day will never transpire in the same fashion again. Its opportunities will disappear as tonight fades into tomorrow. But with each new morning, today refreshes itself.

I’m not trying to wax philosophical here, but I want you to understand a very important truth. Today is renewed daily. When we study God’s Word, those promises true of believers living at that time hold fast today. But as was true in Bible times, when God instructs us to act today, we dare not put the matter off.

Reluctance to obey God’s Word caused many of the children of Israel to forfeit their rights to the Promised Land. They said, “Now isn’t the time.” This same trepidation causes many Christians to forfeit spiritual victories today.

When God leads you to take a morning jog with your neighbor to get him to discuss spiritual things, how do you respond? Or perhaps He stirs your heart to call an old friend and share your faith. God may have even allowed a crisis such as an unexpected visit to the Emergency Room, a power shortage, or a debilitating injury to get you in the center of His will. Today is the day to hearken to His Spirit. Tomorrow may be too late.

You will never see the opportunities today presents again. Now is the time to seize them.

Three things come not back – the spoken word, the spent arrow, and the lost opportunity. — Proverb

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.