Did anyone ever tell you cedar roofing, rain, and moss don’t go very well together? Well, I learned this lesson the hard way. In an effort to do some roofing work on a rainy day, I slipped and found myself plummeting to the ground. In the seconds I was airborne, my life flashed before my eyes. I know God had sent some guardian angels to protect me that day, because miraculously, instead of landing on the ground, I fell on a wooden railing by the side of our house, and then hit the ground. It was painful, but effective at slowing my fall.

I thought I had either died or had been paralyzed from the neck down. But then I took inventory of the situation. I opened my eyes and saw the sky. I felt the grass with my fingers. Slowly I began to move my fingers, then my wrists, arms, and legs. Everything was still functional — and there were no broken bones. I am grateful God allowed me to live to tell about this experience.

If we want to get off to the right S.T.A.R.T., we will need to take inventory. This is the “T” in S.T.A.R.T. An honest self-analysis will reveal if there is anything broken in our lives. Spiritually speaking, where do I stand? Am I heading in the right direction? How am I coming across to others? Am I still being tripped up by the same snares and stumbling blocks as I had this time last year? If there is a problem, ask yourself, what is the source of my problem? What is causing my feelings towards this person/situation? What can I do about it?

Taking inventory of our lives may be painful. But it is an eye-opener which is an essential catalyst for spiritual growth. Unless we take ourselves at face value, we will never be able to move forward. Begin today. Take a few moments to evaluate your life. Pray about the results of your self-analysis. Then you will be well on your way to a fresh S.T.A.R.T.

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.