How far would you go to make a statement? A man in Tampa, Florida, had been paying alimony to his ex-wife when he finally came to the last payment of $182.00. For this payment, he didn’t want to just send the money; he wanted to send a message. So on a large scale, he drew a check on the back of one of his favorite shirts. Then he filled it out and wrote in the memo, “Here is the shirt off my back.” Surprisingly, the bank cashed it.

The prophet Daniel was a man who would have given you the shirt off his back, but the last thing he wanted to do was make a statement. Nevertheless, by his faithful life he did just that. Daniel was a powerful testimony to the faithfulness of God, even in the midst of captivity. He also showed what great things God has in store for those who choose to be faithful to Him. What a life statement!

What kind of statement is your life making? When you’re at work and your co-workers are spreading gossip about your boss, what is your response? Your every word and action is making a statement, whether you intend to or not. At home and abroad, people are watching you to see if the Christian life really works. Is your God as loving as you say He is? Can He provide for your needs as you claim?

If we want our lives to make a good statement for Christ, then we need to start living the impression we wish to leave today.

The course of thy life will speak more for thee than the discourse of thy lips. — George Swinnock

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.