With walls approximately 100 feet high and wide enough for three chariots to ride side-by-side around the entire city, the Assyrians’ capital city, Nineveh, must have made a menacing impression.

The Assyrian people of Nineveh probably seemed even more impregnable than their city. Known for their heartless cruelty, they wore skulls around their necks to flaunt their brutality. When the Assyrians overtook cities in battle, they impaled their captives on stakes in front of the town.

Yet, the Lord sent Jonah to proclaim the gospel there. It was God’s will that even the wicked city of Nineveh hear the truth of God’s saving grace.

Many of us try to take God’s place by saying, “So-and-so will never accept Christ. His heart is too hard,” or “Spreading the gospel in my town would be useless. The people here are too depraved to understand.”

However, we are commanded to go into all the world and preach the gospel—not just the beautiful, receptive areas. Everyone needs to hear the message of grace. Our Lord is not willing that any should perish. Shouldn’t that also be our mindset?

Have you given up hope on someone? You may have tried witnessing to a loved one for years only to be met with rejection. You might live in an area which seems impregnable to the gospel.  Christian, no one is too far gone for the Lord to reach. Never give up.

There is no greater honour than to be the instrument in God’s hands of leading one person out of the kingdom of Satan into the glorious light of Heaven. — Dwight L. Moody

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder